Company Overview

The Company operates business as a Holding Company investing in Polymer and Plastic conversion business. Presently the Company has mainly operated into businesses as followings;

  1. Aeroflex Co.,Ltd.(AFC), the world major and sole manufacturer of thermal insulation based on Ethylene Propylene Diene Methylene (EPDM) for Construction Industry with various patents registered and expanded its sales exporting to more than 100 countries across the globe.
  2. Aeroklas Co.,Ltd.(ARK), the world major manufacturer of Car trunk parts where design and development of products are based on our own patents, focus to enhance efficiency of pick-up trucks.
  3. Eastern Polypack Co.,Ltd.(EPP), is a manufacturer and distributor of disposable plastic packaging for food and beverage such as drinking cups, plates and bowls. All products are manufactured under trademark of EPP, well recognized branded as a Premium Products in the food and beverage industry.
  4. Aeroflex Polymer Technologies (Shanghai) Limited (APT), has been established as the other supporting businesses for production and distribution of 3 businesses afore mentioned to ensure efficiency in business operation, including procurement of chemical raw material, machines and equipments, supporting the Company Group.
  5. EPG Innovation Center (EIC), established to conduct Research and Development in order to internal testing the products’ quality and be the center of research and creative development. The business is one of the most advanced private polymer research lab center in Thailand which can provide testing services that covers many industries including creation of new products under the vision of “ Creative, Innovation and Organization ”.
  6. Major Joint Venture businesses are as followings;
    • 6.1 Investment in Sumiriko Eastern Rubber (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (Joint venture set up with Sumitomo Riiko Company Group Limited of Japan). The business is for manufacturing of Anti-vibration Rubber Product, shock absorbing rubber and fuel hoses for motorcycles.
      * The company has changed the name of Tokai Eastern rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to Sumiriko Eastern Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd or SRK-ER on 1st of June 2018
    • 6.2 Investment in Zeon Advanced Polymix Co., Ltd., (Joint venture set up with Nippon Zeon & Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Japan)). The business is considered as one of the biggest manufacturer of production and distribution of Rubber Compound for natural and artificial rubber used in various industries, whereby more than 70% of customers are from automotive industry.