Company History
  • 2020 - 2021
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2020 - 2021

FY Year 20/21 (Apr 20 – Mar 21)

Aeroklas Company Limited, a subsidiary, to joint venture with Farplas Otomotiv A.S. Turkey to set up a corporate to Manufacturing and distributing Automotive and accessories products in Thailand

Dissolve of TJM Products MEA DMCC, the United Arab Emirates, a subsidiary, which operated selling accessories for 4 wheel drive cars and trucks. Due to evaluating the value of the investment, it was seen that the Company could reduce the administrative expenses of TJM in the Middle East by having Aeroklas Company Limited to manage the sale of products in that region instead.

The Board of Directors’ Meeting of Eastern Polymer Group Public Company Limited (the “Company”) No. 6/2020, convened on November 2020, resolve to approve Aeroflex Company Limited, a subsidiary, to increase the investment in APS, a subsidiary of Aeroflex from 40% to 100%. The incremental investment value 6.4 million Baht, which is agreement price with the original shareholder.

TJM Products Pty. Ltd. and SV.Autotire open TJM Passion, the new frenchise store in Songkla

The Board of Directors’ Meeting of Eastern Polymer Group Public Company Limited (the “Company”) No. 2/2021, convened on March 2021, resolve to approve Aeroklas Company Limited, a subsidiary, to set up TJM Asia Pacific Company Limited(New subsidiary). The newly set up company shall operate the distribution of Automotive parts and accessories under the brand of TJM in Thailand and Asia Pacific Region

2019 - 2020

EIC and IMV (Thailand) Co., Ltd.sign collaborative agreement for co-research and development

On November 2019, EIC inked a collaborative agreement with laboratory-operator IMV (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to further expand on thermal-shock, drop, dust, and water tightness testing

TJM to “Take the Lead,” launches in Thai market

On December 2019, TJM Products Pty.Ltd. and S.V. Auto Tire Co., Ltd. joined forces to open the first TJM showroom in Thailand in Hat Yai, SongKhla

On February 2020 TJM Products Pty.Ltd. and Max-1 open the first TJM franchise store in Thailand Khonkaen

2018 - 2019

The year 2018/2019 (April 2018 – March 2019)
On November 2018, Aeroklas Company Limited, as a subsidiary of the Company, signed a joint venture agreement with Duys Engineering Group (Pty) Ltd. ("DEG") in South Africa, and Mr. Brian William Rogers, the executive of the subsidiary of the company, to jointly establish a new company named "Aeroklas Duys (Pty). Ltd." in South Africa.

2017 - 2018

In 2017/2018
In December 2017, Aeroklas Australia Pty. Ltd ; the subsidiary of Aeroklas Co., Ltd., had signed on share sale agreement to acquires with 100% of Flexiglass Challenge Pty. Ltd. from Fleetwood Corporation Limited. Flexiglass operates pick-up truck parts and accessories distribution business in Australia where its currently has more than 100 distributors and dealers in their network. In addition, Flexiglass also owned 5 corporate stores.

2014 - 2016

In 2014/2015
In February 2015, Aeroklas Australia Pty. Ltd. (Aeroklas-AU), the subsidiary of the Company, acquired TJM Products Pty Ltd (TJM), the Australian company, in order to increase the distribution channel and to expand the business in various countries.

In 2015/2016
In May 2015, Aeroklas Co., Ltd., the subsidiary of the Company, has jointed investment to establish a subsidiary in Malaysia with LSF TECHNOLOGY SDN.BHD. for operating the manufacture and distribution of the product for many automotive companies in Malaysia. Aeroklas Co., Ltd. holds 70% of the registered capital of the new company, while LSF TECHNOLOGY SDN.BHD. holds 30% of the registered capital.

2012 - 2014

In 2012, the company group was restructured to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand; by which the Eastern Polymer Industry Co., Ltd. (Later transformed into Eastern Polymer Group Public Company Limited (EPG)) has changed its business operation to become the holding company.

In 2013, the Company was transformed to be public company to be listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, by increasing its registered capital from 2,100 million Baht to 2,800 million Baht; 700 million ordinary shares were offered for sale to the public. After this initial public offering, the Vitoorapakorn Family holds 75.0% of the shares.

In 2013, EPG celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Company.

In 2014, 700 million ordinary shares were offered for sale to the public at a par value of 1 Baht per share, at the offering price of 5.80 Baht per share. The total offering price was 4,060 million Baht. The Company has commenced trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 24th December 2014.


The EPG Innovation Center Co., Ltd. (EIC) was established in order to conduct the research and development for the subsidiaries of EPG. With the good potentiality of technology, EIC provides the services to analyze and test various products according to generally accepted international standards on rubber, plastic, metal, ceramics, packaging and automotive parts to other external companies.


the Company had established Eastern Polypack Co., Ltd. (EPP) by acquiring assets of Thai Modern Plastic Industry Public Company Limited, in order to operate business in manufacture and distribution of plastic packaging under the brand “EPP”.


Company had expanded the business to manufacturing and distributing automotive parts and accessories. The Company began with designing, manufacturing, and distributing the bed liner that the Company developed and designed its installation technology with no drilling required, which the Company has patented such technology in countries around the world as well as in Thailand. This business is operated under the brand “Aeroklas”. Therefore, Aeroklas Co., Ltd. was established for the purposes of manufacture and distribution of bed liner; later on Aeroklas has expanded its variety of product to canopy, deck cover and side steps.


the Company had joint ventured with Sumitomo Riko Co., Ltd., the Japanese company, and established Tokai Eastern Rubber (Thailand), Ltd. (TER) in order to produce anti-vibration rubber product for the car. In the same year, the Company also had joint ventured with Zeon Corporation and Toyota Tsusho Group from Japan in order to establish Zeon Advanced Polymix Co.,Ltd (ZAP) to produce the compound rubber mainly for manufacturing the rubber used in the car industry.


the Vitoorapakorn Family founded Eastern Polymer Industry Co., Ltd. (Later transformed into Eastern Polymer Group Public Company Limited (EPG)). After succeeding in developing the technology to produce the thermal insulation by applying the formula and manufacturing technology created and occupied by the Vitoorapakorn Family. With the company’s product quality that is better than other general insulations, the business is continually growing. Nowadays, the Company sells the thermal insulation and its components under the brand “Aeroflex” worldwide.